Sheikh Mohammed bin Saedan was the founder of Bin Saeedan trading properties. In 1934 after the unification of Saudi Arabia the founder had initially established his first move into real estate and construction industry, which was a great success over the past years. Consequently, his sons Abdullah, Fahad, Hamad and Ibrahim have continue that success into creating a structure of real estate entities, one of which is AlOlaya Real Estate Company. The Company was established in 1986 under this slogan Real Estate Investment and Development Makers. However, at that time The Company featured was to develop the real estate industry from the traditional ways of sales and land development to provide a multiple real estate products in line with the customers desire. Both AlOlaya Real Estate and Bin Saedan Group were investor, developer or director calculated to more than 50 million square meters areas. Therefore, AlOlaya Real Estate Company had the lead in engaging their clients as shareholders , which have benefited The Company in achieving profitable returns to their capital. This successful experience led and create a solid trust relationship between The Company and their clients, which has been and continues for decades.

            In line with Saudi Vision 2030, AlOlaya Real Estate Company had aligned through strategic planning, with this vision, which was merging from a Real Estate Company into a Holding Company. Merging The Company expressed a strong desire to develop these new fields such as real estate, medical, leisure and educational fields under one umbrella managed by AlOlaya Holding Company.

            Under God willing, AlOlaya Holding Company continues its success in the Real Estate industry based on its triad network and rich wealth of previous experience to build innovative products and provide Real Estate opportunities in the Saudi market.