Privacy Policy

Olaya Holding Company understands how important it is to maintain the privacy of clients information and the information collected through our website. Therefore, our privacy policy is to be able to control and monitor all the personal information as well as the information collected through the website for the purpose of tracking the tendencies of individuals and members in general. We also use information to provide you with a better service and this helps our website to be useful in helping us to know the users seek. In this sense, you should review our Privacy Policy periodically to see any changes we make.

Personal information usage:

            Your personal information is used for the purpose that you have provided in one of our logistics services. Therefore, all communications the website are kept in the company's internal records for future communication. Olaya Holding Company confirms that you do not send or transmit your personal information to third parties in any way.


            Olaya Holding Company website is an intellectual property, so your use of our website indicates that you have reviewed and understood our Privacy Policy. By continuing to use the website after updating the Privacy Policy, you directly or indirectly consent to and understand the updated version of the policy which confirms your consent to be bound by it.