Al Ghorob Chart

Al Ghorob Chart

Chart specification:
The plan follows the completion of the highway linking west of Riyadh to its east and south to be connected to the suspension bridge. The scheme provides all services to the resident and the investor.

Chart features:

  1. It is located on Jeddah's highway.
  2. Al Ghorob plan area is 5 million square meters.
  3. The breadth of the inner streets provides services.
  4. Provides lighting services and near-entry water plan
  5. It is bordered by the suspended bridge linking the east and south of Riyadh to its west.
  6. Adjacent to Wadi Hanifa and its elevation from neighboring areas.
  7. Projects suitable for the land site :

• Residential villas with an average area of ​​land 320 meters and building 300 meters.

• Residential buildings for the land on the streets of the width of 30 meters.

• Commercial centers for land on the street width 60 meters.


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